Who We Are

Friendly, Knowledgeable Representatives… at HCC are dedicated to providing programs that work for all our constituents. Our team is nationally certified and we have adopted the National Industry Standards of Education & Counseling. The counselors, volunteers and team members take you step by step to ensure that each program best fits your needs and that you obtain the most benefit from our service. All we ask is that you help us help you and tell a friend about us. Once you’ve been helped, let others know how you did it and give back! Nothing’s better than a helping hand when you need it.

Our Staff

Our team of Counseling & Coaching professionals are nationally certified.

  • Certified Housing Counselors
  • Certified Credit Counselors
  • Certified Financial Coaches
  • Certified Military Home Specialists

Our Executive Team:

Shenise A. Hairston, Executive Director

Kirson HerbertBoard Member, President

Lillian E. NicholsBoard Member, Vice President

Terri O’NealBoard Member, Treasurer

Gerald LucasBoard Member, Secretary

Robert G. Fleming, Jr.Board Member

Kenneth L. HendersonBoard Member

Lois JohnsonBoard Member

James “Sonny” KnottBoard Member

Francis SwiftBoard Member